How do I make a buckwheat hull pillow?
Cut two identical pieces of cotton material into 21-inch by 17-inch rectangles.
Lay the rectangle with the right sides of the fabric together and the wrong side on the outside.
Sew all around the edge of the rectangles, ΒΌ inch from the edge. Leave a 5-inch space un-sewn.
Turn the pillowcase inside out, bringing the right side of the pillow case to the outside.
Fill the pillow case with the buckwheat hulls so that it is full, but not so packed that the hulls cannot move about.
Hand sew the 5-inch hole with the needle and thread in small, tight stitches so that no hulls can escape.
Alternatively, a simpler method is to put buckwheat hulls into a high thread-count pillow case and sew it close.

How do I clean my buckwheat hull pillow?
You can clean the pillow by hanging it outside to air out. Beat the pillow to loosen any dust particles.
Alternatively, open a 4 inch hole in the stitching at one end of the pillow, empty out the hulls into a container. Wash the pillow casing, dry it and refill it with the hulls carefully. Re-stitch the opening in the pillow casing.

What is the quality of your buckwheat hull pillow?
The pillow casing is made of a quality thread-count white 100% cotton material and filled with 100% buckwheat hulls.

Is there a zipper on the buckwheat hull pillow?
There is no zipper on the buckwheat hull pillow. It is completely sewed shut. Zippers can easily dislodge and open and the buckwheat hulls can easily spill out.

Can I adjust the amount of hulls in the pillow?
You can purchase a minimum of 1 lbs of buckwheat hulls, open the stitching in the pillow and carefully pour in the hulls then re-stitch the pillow case opening.

Can I wash the buckwheat hulls?
You should not wash the buckwheat hulls as they are very light-weight and difficult to dry easily.

Are the buckwheat hulls completely dust-free?
The buckwheat hulls have been sifted for dust but it is extremely difficult to completely clean the hulls of the flour residue from the buckwheat. The will be a light amount of dust flour.

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